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Everything You Need to Know about Traveling to Bozeman


There's a lot to love about local life in Bozeman. Everything from delish eats to designer shopping, all within a ring of startlingly stunning mountains. Once you've fallen for this place, the [...]

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Healthy Eats for Your Stay in Bozeman


Visiting Bozeman is always a busy time, filled with adventures and excitement. To keep you going, you need to fuel up with eats that taste as good as they are good for you. Here are some of the [...]

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Upgrade your Stay

Get ready to indulge with a stay at the RSVP Motel in Bozeman. This isn't about pinching pennies and staying at the cheapest place with the worst reviews. It's all about a taste of luxury and a [...]

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Fall For Us... at the RSVP Motel

Who’s ready to fall in love with fall? Autumn has arrived, and we’re ready to spread the leaf-crunching, PSL-sipping love we feel here in the BZN. And shhhhhh..., we’re going to let you in on a [...]

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Best Places to Float in the Summer Heat

It’s a good thing we have such long days during summer in Bozeman because there’s just so much to do. But for hot, lazy afternoons, the best way to beat the heat is to kick back a little and take [...]

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Rivers + Mountains + Running = The Bozeman Marathon

On your marks, get set, book! At the RSVP, we’re the “it” spot for your stay during the Bozeman Marathon. If you’re racing, it pays to opt for a relaxing sleep to prep yourself. And for all the [...]

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Farmer's Daughters Keep It Fresh 

 Grab fresh ingredients, organic and locally sourced for optimal flavor, and toss them together with the greatest care and love to make Montana’s answer to the LA health-food scene: The Farmer’s [...]

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Music on Main: Director Ellie Staley Gives us the Scoop

There’s nothing quite like the onset of summer in Bozeman, Montana. The spring rains slowly dry up, the sun stays up a little longer, and the feeling of how fleeting the season is begins to settle [...]

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A Big Day Trip to Big Sky: Summer Edition

They call it Big Sky Country for good reason. Montana is filled with big fun under the big sky, but don’t be confused between the state’s common nickname and the township of Big Sky. A ski resort [...]

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Cowgirl Up for the Bozeman Stampede

The annual extravaganza at the Bozeman Stampede makes for a fun time, even if you’re a city slicker at heart. Dust off your boots and your stetson, and get ready to cowgirl up for the rodeo! You [...]

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Stay at the RSVP Motel

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An Insider's Guide to a Montana Modern Oasis and the Surrounding Area.

This blog offers an inside look at the luxurious side of Bozeman, MT. Join us at RSVP Motel for some well-deserved relaxation, or take in the scenery and explore an area filled with fabulous indoor and outdoor activities that cater to the inner VIP in all of us. No matter your motive for visiting Bozeman, a stay at RSVP is sure to be the perfect accessory to your travels.

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